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The UK is a fantastic place to live if you like to travel and explore the world. The UK is located in Europe which means that short cultural breaks to France, Belgium and Italy are not far away. On the other hand if you like the sun, Spain and the Canary Islands are only a few hours flight; quicker than driving from one end of the country to the other. There are other hidden gems, such as the Scandinavian countries, filled with history and unique culture.

On the other hand you can go further afield into America, Australia or Asia. Visit Tokyo or New York for a high life weekend city break, especially recommended for shopaholics. Asia is known for its fast paced lifestyle and abundance of food; there are certainly no shortages of flight choices from the UK. If you love idyllic beaches then the Caribbean is for you; the Seychelles, Barbados, Jamaica and so on are all known as paradise locations. Certain times of the year will be much cheaper than others – research is the key!


There are airports located all over the UK so no matter where you live, the chances are you will not be too far from one. The main airports in the UK are Heathrow and Gatwick, which are located in Greater London; there’s Birmingham International Airport in the Midlands, Coventry not too far away, then moving further up north, there’s the Liverpool John Lennon and Manchester International too. Scotland also has Edinburgh and Glasgow Airports, and Wales has Cardiff.

Not every airport deals with international flights and smaller airports, such as Brighton, Southend, Dundee, Newquay and Plymouth are domestic and Ireland flights only. Don’t worry too much about going to the wrong airport though! Whether you book online or though a reputable travel agent you will always be asked which airport you would like to fly from, depending on the list that are available. With a little research, you will be able to find out which airport deals with the location you want to visit.

Always find out where your airport is and if possibly, get a taxi service for the day if you don’t have a friend who can drop you off! Airport parking is extremely expensive, especially if you are going away for a week or so, thus it’s cheaper to get a taxi to drop you off and pick you up.

The bigger airports, like Gatwick, Heathrow and Manchester all have separate terminals – when you book your flight it would clearly say which airport you are leaving from and retuning to (they are not always the same!). If you can’t see this information then phone your agent and check! Don’t leave this till the last day – at the big airports if you end up at the wrong terminal it may be quite a walk to the right one and you could miss your check in time.

UK Flight Tips

Flying by plane is like using any kind of public transport but the security is much tighter. If you have booked a flight here are some key rules to remember –

1. The maximum size for items of hand luggage is 56cm x 45cm x 25cm per bag. Is this strict? Yes, it is. Therefore measure your hand luggage bag at home before you leave and pack accordingly. The airline could tell you to leave the bag behind otherwise.

2. Liquids and creams should be in your main luggage. Don’t put creams, or lotions over 100ml in your bag – they will confiscate it. This includes things like toothpaste, a bottle of water and deodorant. You can put small containers with decanted products in a clear grip seal bag, no bigger than 20cmx20xm in your hand luggage. You can also buy these items in duty free (after you have passed airport security).

Airport policies are changing all the time. If in doubt visit for the latest regulations, as well as checking with your airline.